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I. About the program

Master of Translation and Interpreting (i.e. MTI) is an academic degree approved by the Degree Committee of the State Council. MTI can be divided into two orientations: interpretation and translation. Interpretation consists of simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation. And translation includes English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation, which can be subdivided into translation of literature, business, science, technology, etc.

II. Duration

The duration for a full-time graduate student is 2 years, not more than 4 years if he or she needs. For a part-time graduate student the duration can be 5 years.

III. Credits and Curriculum

The total credits of the curriculum is 30, among which 20 are degree credits and 10 are non-degree . An additional 10 credits are for the students’ practice which lasts for one year. During the year, the Thesis Proposal, the Mid-term Report, and the Pre-defense of the Thesis should be completed. As for more details, see the appendix.

IV. Thesis

The thesis should be in English. The students could only choose one of the following and write without taking up the others:

(1) A  report on a project: Under the guidance of their supervisors the students should translate texts of at least 100,000 words before writing about their translation and the problems they have encountered in their translation process in a report of not less than 5000 words. 

(2) A report on an experiment: Under the guidance of their supervisors the students should experiment on a certain stage of translation or interpretation and analyze their findings before writing a report of not less than 10,000 words.

(3) An academic thesis: Under the guidance of their supervisors the students should write a thesis of not less than 15,000 words.

Those who have obtained the required credits and passed the Oral Defense of thesis can be awarded the Master Degree of Translation and Interpreting.