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Graduate Educational Plan


Discipline: English Language and literature (05)

 DisciplineForeign Languages and Literature (0502)


I.  Introduction

International Languages and Culture College of Hohai University has 3 master's degree authorization disciplines: English Language and Literature, Translation Studies, and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. There are 6 full professors and 23 associate professors in this college. Its “English Language and Literature” focuses on the teaching and study of English literary works, with the course "English literature in the 19th century" rated as a high-quality one.  Its “Translation Studies” is committed to translation teaching and translation practice with the course “English-Chinese Translation” selected as a high-quality one in Hohai University. Its "Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics" focuses on contrastive linguistics, sociolinguistics, pragmatics and second language acquisition, and has achieved a lot.

II. Orientations

(1)English Language and Literature

(2) Translation Studies

(3) Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

III. Duration

The duration for a full-time graduate student is 3 years, not more than 5 years if he or she needs. For a part-time graduate student the duration can be 5 years.

IV. Credits and Curriculum

The total credits of the curriculum are 28, among which 18 are degree credits and 10 are non-degree. Teaching practice is required. As for more details, see the appendix.

All the courses are required to be completed within the first year of admission.

V. Thesis

The thesis writing is composed of stages such as choice of a topic, thesis proposal, mid-term review, pre-defense and oral defense of the thesis. The thesis should be written in English and be of at least 15,000 words, and its format should follow the Guidebook of Thesis Writing for Ph.D and Master’s Degree in Hohai University.