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Undergraduate Educational Plan for English majors


Major: English

Discipline: English Literature and Linguistics

Code: 050201

Duration: Four Years

Degree: Bachelor of Arts


I. Objectives

(1) The students should meet the requirements of the market economy, socialist construction and social development; (2) The students should be healthy morally, intellectually and physically; (3) The students should have a solid English foundation and be well-read; (4) The students should master all the basic English skills and be able to use them skillfully; (5) The students should be of good qualities and can work in any fields relevant to English.

II. Degree Courses

Essential English, Advanced English, English Conversation, English Reading, Basic English Listening, Advanced English Listening, Basic English Writing, Advanced English Writing, Translation, Interpretation, Case Study of Cross-cultural Communication, Comparative Study of English and Chinese Culture, Selected Readings of English literature, Selected Readings of American literature, Academic Writing, etc.

Among them, Case Study of Cross-cultural Communication and Comparative Study of English and Chinese Culture are seminar courses.

Essential English, English Reading, Translation, Interpretation, and English linguistics are specialty courses.

III. Practice-oriented Courses

Social Practice, Graduation Thesis, Translation, Interpretation, Cross-cultural Communication, CAT, etc.

IV. Orientations

(1)Literature: It aims at improving the students' literacy, expanding their vision, and strengthening their ability in literature.

(2)Culture: It aims at cultivating the students' cultural sensitivity and strengthening their awareness of the cross-cultural communication.

(3)Translation: It aims at improving the students’ translation skill, strengthening their translation competence, and thus helping to provide more employment opportunities.

(4)Business and Financial English: It aims at expanding the field of students' employment by following the market needs.

(5)Linguistics: It aims at cultivating the students' language sensitivity, improving their language competence and quality of translation and writing, strengthening their linguistic knowledge and ability in solving problems in real life.

VIII. Preconditions to get the academic degree

The students should study all the courses specified in this plan, such as the general courses, the degree courses, selective courses and practice-oriented courses and pass the examinations. The total credit of an English major is not less than 165, including at least 10 credits for non-specialty courses. Those who have satisfied the requirements specified by Hohai University are in the position to apply for the bachelor’s degree.