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About the College of International Languages and Cultures

College of International Languages and Cultures has English Department, Applied Foreign language Department I, Applied Foreign language Department II, Graduate English Department, Department of Russian, German, French and Japanese, Digital Language laboratory, Foreign Languages and Culture Institute, Translation Institute, the Institute of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Training Center, etc.

Currently it boasts of an energetic research team composed of 86 professors, including 6 professors and 24 associate professors. Most of its faculty members have graduate degrees or above. Since its foundation, this college has been put stress on teaching quality as well as academic researches, recently having more than 130 papers published in first-rate academic journals and produced 8 well-received translation works and 8 academic books. 6 faculty members have won provincial and ministerial-level awards for their contributions in scientific researches and teaching work. Meanwhile, this college has also been working on some projects and training programs entrusted by relevant ministries under the State Council, local governments of all levels and enterprises.

This college has 3 master's degree authorization disciplines: English Language and Literature, Translation Studies, and Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. There are altogether 485 registered full-time students, whose TEM-4 and TEM-8  passing rates have far exceeded the national average level. Equipped with solid English foundation and broad cultural knowledge, the students can work as translators, interpreters, teachers, administrators, researchers as well as jobs relevant to foreign affairs, business, banking, economy, foreign trade, culture, science, technology, military, etc.

In order to cultivate outstanding versatile students, this college has designed its curricula on a scientific basis, recruited committed and experienced faculty members from home and abroad, purchased recently-developed teaching facilities to improve the students’ basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading, translating and writing.  and set up an advanced digital language lab, a simultaneous interpretation lab, a multimedia lab, an intelligent broadcasting and recording system and foreign language FM.

This college is also responsible for teaching all the undergraduates, graduate students and Ph.D candidates who are non-English majors. The passing rates of the students’ CET-4 and CET-6 are very high.

This college is very committed to the community service, providing training programs like TOEFL, TEM-4, TEM-8, CET-4, CET-6, New Concept English, oral English of all levels, Japanese, French, Russian, German, etc.